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A. Insert the pins through the little holes in each corner to fix your towel to the sand.


B. To pick it up, pack away the pins in the pocket of the towel, wich you can also use as a regular pocket, safe from water.


C. Put together two or more Tuccas to connect designs. Link towels with just one pin, introducing it through the holes of both towels.


Tucca was born as an idea in 2016, with a clear purpose: completely reINVENTING the concept of the traditional beach towel


It started as an answer to one of the most common issues that arises while enjoying a beach day: the discomfort caused by the wind blowing at your towel and the sand spreading all over the surface. But discomfort and beach are words that should never go together. For us the beach means connecting with yourself, connecting with the ones you love, connecting with the sun, the waves, the sea…

Working on solving the wind issues, we soon envisioned the opportunity to go much further and make a tweak to fully change the conventional beach towel model. We thought about comfort, but also about the people you enjoy your beach days with, the ones you want closer “without sand in between”.

A new beach experience that also was not possible without considering fashion, trends and style… A well though-out design that, as with any other clothes or apparel, really suits you.

Design, comfort and space soon became the main ingredients that we BROUGHT TOGETHER in “the new beach towel”

After years of work, attention to detail and the commitment to get the best quality in every process and manufacturing phase, this is Tucca.